Weegee on vinyl!

17 08 2009


Now the easiest kind of a job was a murder, because the stiff would be laying on the ground. He couldn’t get up and walk away and get tempermental and he would be good for at least two hours

Came across this great link to some mp3’s taken from a rare old vinyl lp “Famous Photographers Tell How” in which some of the greats, amongst them Weegee and HCB, talk about their picture making process. Looks like a great blog for any vinyl lovers out there too (and I’m referring to records here!).

“…Arthur Fellig adopted the name Weegee or “Weegee the Famous,” alluding to the Ouija board and his knack for being first on the scene is in his days as a roving news and street photographer. It wasn’t an accident or any supernatural pre-disposition that he was there first at the fires, murders and general mayhem that he recorded in Gotham. …”

Click here for more from Boogie Weegie Flu

– Rory




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