Stocking Fillers & Christmas Gifts for Photographers – By Miriam King

4 12 2009

If you know any photographers (which I presume you do if you’re reading this) then you’ll know they can be a bit particular about their gear. So if you’re thinking of buying them anything serious like cameras, lens or lights you’re better off just asking them exactly what they want or buying them a voucher for your local camera shop to avoid tears and tantrums on Christmas morning. So this guide is purely the fun stuff, stocking fillers at all different price ranges. I hope you find something in there that the photographer in your life might enjoy…or to put on your Santa Wishlist. Enjoy!

Under €10

Clockwise from top left: Foto Clips – $10 from,  The Photo Book (Phaidon) – €6.09 from,  Yashica Screenprint Journals – $10 from Disconsolator on Etsy,  Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook – €6.73 from the,  Magnetic Photo Rope – $12 from,  The Level Camera Cube – $15 from,  PhotoFile Books (Thames & Hudson) –  around €6 from the,  Polaroid Camera Necklace -$15 from cbtscloset on Etsy,  Lomography Camera Keychain (Lubitel 166+) – €5 from the Lomography Shop or from the Gallery of Photography in Dublin

Under €25 (I cheated a little so under €25.50)

Clockwise from top left: Steve McCurry ‘The Unguarded Moment’ – €25.50 from the,  ‘Image Makers, Image Takers’ by Anne-Celine Jaeger – €11.65 from the,  ‘Hole – on Ex’ Pinhole Camera Kit – €20 from Urban Outfitters,  Seat Belt Camera Straps – $20 from, Wooden Camera Necklace – $35 from Corky at Supermarket,  Ikomono 110 Camera – €21 from Urban Outfitters,  Polaroid Picture Frames – $20 for a set of nine from

Under €50

Clockwise from top left: The Super-Secret Spy Lens! – $50 to $55 from Photojojo,  Diana Mini – €50 from the Lomography Shop or from the Gallery of Photography in Dublin,  ‘Looking In: Robert Frank’s “The American’s”’ – €34.01 from the,  The Camera Poster #3  by Rod Post –  $30 from The Post Family Store,  The Gorillapod SLR Zoom – $50 from Photojojo, ‘Intrared’ Camera Lens Bracelet – $60 from ibwatson on Etsy

€50 and above

Clockwise from top left: Blackbird Camera – €124 – Urban Outfitters (Web Exclusive) or from the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, ‘Sumo’ by Helmut Newton – €65.48 from the,  Candida Hofer ‘On Kawara’ – £51.55 from,

The Fuji Instax Instant Camera – $90 or $105 with film from Photojojo,  107 Billingham Camera Bag – £200 from

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for check out PetaPixels blog post ‘21 Awesome T-Shirts for Photographers’ for some more ideas. Happy shopping!





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7 12 2009
Miss Galina

Hmmmm that camera bag looks just what Iv been looking for!

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