Stag and Deer

1 11 2010


Stag & Deer

Cork Analogue Photographers’ Pamella Condell and Padraig Spillane have set up Stag & Deer, to support emerging new artists. Their first opening will be this coming Thursday, November 5th at Store, in Oliver Plunkett St., Cork. All welcome! The following is from the Stag & Deer website –

Stag & Deer’s purpose is to bolster and support emerging and established artists.

We are a curatorship project to facilitate emerging artists’ needs by giving a contemporary art space to exhibit work.  Our goal is to showcase emerging contemporary art to the public without overbearing the art itself. We plan to do this by having exhibitions in spaces under our own curatorship i.e. “pop-up galleries”.  These “pop-up galleries” are spaces that do not have a permanent position.

We intend to move our space for each exhibition to highlight different possibilities for art presentation and the possibilities for Cork City to showcase emerging art in a contemporary art context. These spaces would be anything from an empty shop premise, an outdoor public space project to working with an artist on a site specific project. Within these spaces, artists would be allowed to show finished work or projects that are work-in-progress, thereby, allowing the public to witness an individual art practice. Exhibiting artists will be on hand to answer questions about their work.

Shows will be nominally titled Season 1, Season 2, etc., thereby creating a space that is free for appreciation and interpretation.

For more info, email us: staganddeer [at]

Here’s the Press Release –


Press Release - click for a bigger view


– Rory




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