Pádraig Spillane @ Stag & Deer

3 11 2010

(c) Padraig Spillane

When an artist takes a photo he/she is observing and creating an image. This image of something in the world is made through a camera and the made image is given to the viewer for reflection. What takes place in this exchange?

The goal of this work is to instil in the viewer that they have the responsibility through their subjectivity to draw associations between the images, to create a contemplative journey for meaning within the work.

The relationship between the viewer and the image is paramount. The viewer is to realise that they are exploring themselves as much as the work and artist for meaning. What is an image? What is a viewer? How does one relate to an image?
Pádraig Spillane is a photographer from Cork.  He has studied photography in the Crawford College of Art and Design where he received ‘Most Promising Student’ in Photography 2007. A founding member of Cork Analogue Photographers, Pádraig’s first solo show ‘Affection’ was the subject of much acclaim in 2009. His work is primarily portrait based with a concentration on intimacy, texture, surface and reflection. His work concentrates on what constitutes an image and how the viewer relates to the image.

Solo Shows

2009 – Affection, Bishopstown Library, Cork

Group Shows

2009 – Cork Analogue Photographers Exhibition #4, Brew, Cork2009 – 6 Perspectives on Light, Greenroom Gallery,

Cork2009 – Cork Analogue Photographers Exhibition #3, Galerie Nautique, Cork

2009 – Cork Analogue Photographers Exhibition #2, Lismore Photography Gallery, Lismore, Co. Waterford

2008 – Cork Analogue Photographers Exhibition #1, Brew, Cork

padraigspillane at gmail.com


Quoted from Stag & Deer

– Rory




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