Pamela Condell @ Stag & Deer

4 11 2010


(c) Pamella Condell


Stag & Deer opening is tonight at 6pm at Store on Oliver Plunkett St. in Cork.


The following is some info about Pamela Condell from the Stag & Deer website –


I feel emptiness in the landscape.
Back to the aftermath.
An overriding sense that I’ve missed something.
Perhaps I feel emptiness in myself that I’m trying to preserve and protect.
I am alone in the moment that stops me, I feel a great weight and anticipation descend and pull at my hair.

Pamela’s current work is primarily based on an eloquent emptiness; site-specific landscapes and portraits which are tied to human presence.

Pamela Condell holds a Diploma in Photography from St. Johns College, Cork. She has exhibited as a feature artist in association with the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork – Ladyfest 2008

Pam’s website

– Rory





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