Looking at Photographs at the Dark Room at Camden Palace Hotel

30 03 2012
© Rory O'Toole

© Rory O'Toole

Last Wednesday the first photography forum / talk was held at the Dark Room at Camden Palace Hotel. It was an informal talk with a panel consisting of photographer Naomi Smith, Jess Jones, Stephen Ahern and painter Grattan Keating. And about 30 people turned up to join in the discussion. Plenty of fun and chat, some agreements, and some disagreements ensued!

Stephen started the discussion by introducing us to the David Kronn exhibition, Out of the Dark Room, which was shown for the past few months at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery here in Cork. Some of the photographs from the exhibition were shown on a projected slideshow, and we discussed the idea of a collection, and curating an exhibition. The discussion moved onto digital culture, and took a slight left tangent into art education, where Grattan Keating was particularly passionate!

In all it was a very enjoyable evening, and followed with a cup of tea or glass of wine at the Camden Palace cafe.

Looking forward to the next one!

– Rory





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