first responders

14 06 2012

Hello everyone!

After an idle few months, we have put together the first eyesoup project. It’s a simple idea, and open to anyone with a camera and access to the internet! If you know anybody who would like to get involved, please let them know about this blog post.

The idea is to create a visual narrative based on a photograph. We will ask each each person to post an image in reponse to one presented to them – we want to create a photographic conversation.

The first photo is on the eyesoup tumblr –** This was a very quick pick, to get the ball rolling. Lets see where it gets to!

If you would like to take part, please email us saying that you would like to take part – eyesouper (at) gmail (dot) com.

We will send an email to the first person that responds, and he or she will have to respond to the first photo on the tumblr.

That person will need to respond with an image, which will be posted on the tumblr (the images will scroll sideways).

We will then email the next person on the list, and ask them to respond to the latest image, which will be posted on the tumblr, and so on

Each person will have a week to respond

And so on. And on!

Should be fun to see where this goes!

** I had an incorrect tumblr link when I first posted this – that’s the correct one now. Apologies to anyone who had a problem with the first link



One response

2 07 2012
First responders – first couple of images are up « eyesoup

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