16 08 2012


THERE THERE is a photographic event in Cork City, curated by Stag & Deer and launching on October 18th 2012. THERE THERE will bring more than 30 international, national and local lens-based artists under one banner.  There’ll be six different exhibitions with different concerns sharing a common thematic framework, responses to ‘otherness’.  We have secured an internationally recognised female photographer to anchor the event, Viviane Sassen.

For more details and a link to the fundit programme, go to Stag & Deers website here

– Rory

First Responders – Miriam King

31 07 2012

‘reflections’ © Miriam King

See the First Responders tumblr here

If you would like to join the conversation, email us – eyesoup ‘at’

= Rory

Bruce Gilden on Vimeo

11 05 2012

For all the Bruce Gilden fans, this is well worth 7.17 minutes of your time. Thanks to Naomi at the Dark Room for the link

– Rory

Eddy Pula

20 04 2012

© Eddy Pula

So today the worlds best photo blog chose Eddy Pula for it’s occasional ‘random excellence’ posts. I’d never heard of Eddy Pula, but it’s the worlds best photo blog, so I always click through and take a look at what Mike’s noticed and brought to our attention. Sometimes the random excellence grabs me, other times it doesn’t. Anyway, I liked todays recommendation.

Eddy is shooting film square on old Rolleicords, Mamiyas and Crown Reflexes. Developing and printing in his basement. Kinda stuff we like here at eyesoup. The portraits he’s making are pretty cool. And his blog writing is entertaining too.

Actually, to counteract my previous Instagram post, he has a very funny take on the whole hipstamatic thing that made me think of pulling my previous post (I mean really, can I ever be taken seriously as a photographer, if I put the word out that I’m looking for a replacement for a phone app instead of making fabulous portraits on my RB67?!!!). This was Eddy’s take on the whole thing –

“… Posen (Sic) man, that’s the bullshit I hate. Hipstamatic, Instagram, whatever the kids these days are doing to make their stupid photo’s worse. Step 1, spend half a grand on a miracle of modern technology, step 2 take a picture of a palm tree/graffiti/tattoo/etc, step 3 apply canned curve masks to make it look like you shot it with a disposable/flea market camera that has been sitting on the dashboard of your car for most of August with a roll of CVS brand color film that expired before the tragic events of 9/11. Step 4 revel in your creativity. …”

Put me in my place!

I dunno if it will annoy him that I’ve posted a photo of his without permission though**. In another post he says “Half the stupid blogs I read just take others people’s posts, videos and pictures and paste them up every couple of hours.”. Except that I only write a blog post every couple of weeks (unless I’m feeling inspired), and a lot of the time I do post about interesting stuff I find on the net. More original content required?

Speaking of original content, keep an eye on The Dark Room at Camden Palace – dark room classes starting on April 26th! If you’ve never experienced the magical alchemy of seeing a photo appear in a tray of chemicals under a red light, then this class is a must! Pure original content – you take the picture, you develop the film, you make the print. No computer required! No internet! Just dark and chemicals and some focussed light … Click here for more

– Rory

** I’ll email Eddy and let him know

David Kronn at the Lewis Gluckman gallery

24 01 2012

Photograph from the Lewis Glucskman website. Click to go to the site.

The Lewis Glucksman gallery in Cork is currently showing a selection of works from the collection of David Cronn. This exhibition was first shown at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) during the summer of 2011, and has been reworked by the curatorial team at the Glucksman. See the Glucksman website for more details.

We are planning a trip to see the exhibition on Sat 4th February. We’ll be meeting at 1pm at the main gate to UCC on Western Road. Anyone who wishes to join us is more than welcome. It would be great to meet some fellow Cork photographers!

– Rory

Simon Norfolk at Belfast Photo Festival

12 09 2011

Spotted this on A Photo Student. Simon Norfolk at the Belfast Photo Festival. Great talk. Wish I had had the time to get up for it.

– Rory

Powerful Portraits: What’s in a Face?

5 07 2011

(c) Platon

Not in Dublin for Photo Ireland Festival? Faffing about in London? Then get yourself into The London School of Economics this evening. Photographer of the rich, famous and powerful, Platon, will be speaking to celebrate the publication of his new book, Power.

Currently staff photographer of the New Yorker magazine, Platon has photographed the worlds power holders, from Putin to Obama, and all between. He also made this portrait of Christopher Walken

(c) Platon

I’m not sure if this photo makes it into Power, but how cool is Christopher Walken?!

If you are in London, then get thee to the London School of Economics, Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, Wednesday, July 6th. It’s free, first come, first serve.

– Rory

** Thanks to WTJ