First Responders – Miriam King

31 07 2012

‘reflections’ © Miriam King

See the First Responders tumblr here

If you would like to join the conversation, email us – eyesoup ‘at’

= Rory

First Responders – Allisa Govender

17 07 2012

‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ © Allisa Govender

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Email us if you would like to take part – eyesouper at

All welcome!


– Rory

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2012 – Finalists’ Portfolios

12 07 2012

Hauntingly good photography (via Tony)

It’s first responder Tuesday!

10 07 2012

Greek Wedding Life Dance © Sinead Murphy

We’ve posted a new First Responder photo the past couple of Tuesdays, so now that the ball is rolling we will try to keep this going. This week is Greek Wedding Life Dance by Sinead Murphy. Now, lets see who’s next on the list …

– Rory

** Want to take part? Send an eyemail to eyesouper at and we’ll contact you when it’s your turn. Love to hear from people around the world!

First responders – first couple of images are up

2 07 2012

Moulane @Sarah Ryan

The first few responses are up! We’re still looking for more names to take part, so please email us – eyesouper at if you’d like a go. Love to hear from people who are reading this around the world!

See the previous post for some more information.

The eyesoup first responders page is here.

– Rory

©Naomi Smith

first responders

14 06 2012

Hello everyone!

After an idle few months, we have put together the first eyesoup project. It’s a simple idea, and open to anyone with a camera and access to the internet! If you know anybody who would like to get involved, please let them know about this blog post.

The idea is to create a visual narrative based on a photograph. We will ask each each person to post an image in reponse to one presented to them – we want to create a photographic conversation.

The first photo is on the eyesoup tumblr –** This was a very quick pick, to get the ball rolling. Lets see where it gets to!

If you would like to take part, please email us saying that you would like to take part – eyesouper (at) gmail (dot) com.

We will send an email to the first person that responds, and he or she will have to respond to the first photo on the tumblr.

That person will need to respond with an image, which will be posted on the tumblr (the images will scroll sideways).

We will then email the next person on the list, and ask them to respond to the latest image, which will be posted on the tumblr, and so on

Each person will have a week to respond

And so on. And on!

Should be fun to see where this goes!

** I had an incorrect tumblr link when I first posted this – that’s the correct one now. Apologies to anyone who had a problem with the first link

An exhibition of photographs in the Cork Public Museum by Azem Koleci

5 06 2012

©Azem Koleci

I first met Azem Koleci at the Disposable Camera Day back in November 2010. A lovely guy with a great interest in photography, I’ve bumped into Azem at varous exhibitions and photo related events and goodness since then.

Azem told me a while back that he was putting together an exhibition of photographs that he has taken around Cork city, and the project has now been completed. The official opening will be on Thursday coming, June 7th, at the Cork public museum. I asked Azem to tell me a little more about himself and the exhibition, and this is what he said:

My name is Azem Koleci, Albanian and Irish, living in Cork for the past 10 years.
I study photography in St John’s College, and am a member of Cork camera Group. I am therefore a member of the Irish Photographic Federation, and am a member of many other national/international photographic/art organisations and societies. I have had several photo exhibition in Cork, starting in 2005 as part of Cork capital City of Culture, at Cork public Museum. 2006 at Cork Coffee Roasters, 2007 at the Post Office in Wilton, 2008 at  the Tory Top Library and 2010 at Cork City Library. For several years my photos have been shown twice a year as part of CCG at Cork School of Music, and Cork Vision Centre.
My current exhibition, “Reflection”, is on now at Cork Public Museum and will be shown for 3-4 months there.
The 30 photos are all large print, B&W, and show the City of Cork along River Lee bank reflected on water.
The Official opening and reception will take place on Thursday June 7th at 6 pm by the Lord Mayor of Cork.
Some of photos will be donated to Museum and any further sales will be donated to charity.
I am continuing to work on projects & exhibitions in the future, especially in Cork which is my second home to the one I was born in, and I feel this is my way to give something back.

Do try and get along to the opening at the Cork Public Museum, or at least the exhibition over the next couple of months. It will be worth a visit!

– Rory