Photographers, artists and sorcerers!

11 05 2012

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Photography meet up this evening at 5pm (Fri May 11th) in the Camden Palace Hotel. Call in, show your own work, bring a book or work that interests you. Facebook event link.

Sometimes there’s cake!

– Rory


Beginning in the Darkroom

24 04 2012

© Naomi Smith

There’s still places left for the darkroom classes starting on Thursday. From The Dark Room website:

3 week course running Thursdays from 6pm – 8.30pm  €85

Starting Thursday 26th April
Email or call  Naomi on 0860241947 to book , spaces are limited.

Ideal as a starting point or a refresher for those wishing to get back into the darkroom.

Learn how to –

  • Process a film
  • Make a Contact Sheet
  • Use Test Strips to make a Print

To attend you will need to have an exposed roll of traditional process black and white film (not C41) and your own photographic paper.

All Processing Chemicals are provided.
Ilford Hp5 film is currently available for purchase in the darkroom see products page.

If you have any issues getting started with your film feel free to drop in, hours are as follows –

Wed 5 – 8pm
Thurs 5 – 8pm
Fri 5 – 8pm
Sat 11 – 5pm

So Email or call  Naomi on 0860241947 to book – and learn some magic!

– Rory

Photography Meet Up

23 04 2012

© Naomi Smith

Naomi at the Dark Room in Camden Palace Hotel  in Cork is organising a photography meet up on Friday evening on Friday. From the Dark Room website

“… Join us in Camden Palace Hotel on Friday 27th April @ 5pm in the meeting room (lovely bright room upstairs), where we will be looking at books/ work, please feel free to bring your own work or something you find interesting. …”

I’m hoping to be there, followed by a dash out to the Sirius in Cobh for the Sputnik ‘Is(not)’ opening at 7. Yet another evening of great photography in Cork!

– Rory

Hooray! Camden Palace darkroom!

6 04 2012

© Rory O'Toole

This evening I visited Naomi in the darkroom in Camden Palace Hotel. We discussed the classes we intend to run (darkroom introduction, and basic photography) over coffee. Then I spent an hour developing a roll of Kodak xp125, and then went and made one print, seen above. Having not been in the darkroom since last December, it was lovely to get back in again and enjoy the slow pace, fun and, well, sheer pleasure of being back in a wet darkroom. Sure, I spent 3 hours there, and I could possibly achieve more in front of the PC in that length of time. But if you love photography, and especially love a physical print, made by hand, with chemicals, light and dark, then there is no better way of spending a few hours. I came home with a technically imperfect but still beautiful print. There’s a lenght of film containing 36 frames, hanging in the drying cabinet for me when I go in next week, and a lovely calm soulful experience enjoyed along with a bit of gossip and a complete distraction from everyday life and the screen that draws us in. Hooray!

– Rory

Looking at Photographs (Camden Palace, Wednesday March 21st)

20 03 2012

© David Goldblatt

Tomorrow night at the Camden Palace Hotel lecture theatre, the Dark room have organised an informal discussion on the subject of looking at photographs. From the Dark room website


“… Four panelists, each having a different relationship with the discipline of photography, will use their diverse responses to the recent exhibition at the Glucksman to prompt debate and discussion.

‘Out of the Dark Room: Works from the David Kronn Collection’

There is an open invitation to attend and participation from the audience is welcome.  …”


This takes place tomorrow, Wednesday March 21st, from 7pm. I’ll be there, looking forward to it. Well done to Naomi for organising it!

– Rory