First Responders – Allisa Govender

17 07 2012

‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ © Allisa Govender

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Email us if you would like to take part – eyesouper at

All welcome!


– Rory

It’s first responder Tuesday!

10 07 2012

Greek Wedding Life Dance © Sinead Murphy

We’ve posted a new First Responder photo the past couple of Tuesdays, so now that the ball is rolling we will try to keep this going. This week is Greek Wedding Life Dance by Sinead Murphy. Now, lets see who’s next on the list …

– Rory

** Want to take part? Send an eyemail to eyesouper at and we’ll contact you when it’s your turn. Love to hear from people around the world!


18 02 2012

© eyesoup

Out of the ashes of Cork Analogue Photographers comes eyesoup.

Cork Analogue Photographers was set up back in 2008 by a group of friends with a shared interest in film photography. Though still friends, and lovers of film, times have changed, and we need to move on a bit.

These days smart phones have replaced compact cameras, and pretty much everybody is tweeting or FBing, tumblering or 500pxing. Photography and the sharing of photographs has become so easy an ubiquitous that even us diehard film heads are at it.

We’re not casting film aside, but we want to incorporate all of photography, instead of excluding the majority. We love photography in all it’s forms and just want more of it.

So we set up eyesoup.

We’re based in Cork, Ireland, and have friends all over the world.

We want eyesoup to become a little hub, a place to meet and chat, talk photography, and challenge each other. We will be running projects, online galleries, print exhibitions, talks, tutorials … big ideas! We don’t think we can do it alone, we’ll need help, and we’d love you to join in.

Film is still a big part of our future plans. There’s two new darkrooms being opened in Cork at the moment, for the first time in years. We’ll be talking more about them soon. But photography and art is not about film or digital. It’s not about the camera. It’s about light, and it’s about seeing.

We’re still in our teething phase, and the website is in it’s infancy. So far I have imported the old CorkAP blog posts, and written this one. So please bear with us and check in again over the coming days and weeks.

And keep taking pictures!

– Rory