Alternative to Instagram?

20 04 2012

I know we’re all about serious photography round here, and all that, but in all honesty, what proportion of your snapshots are taken on a ‘real’ camera these days, compared to the amount of photos taken on your phone? Pretty high on the phone in most cases I’d say. And given that the photos on the phone tend to come out a bit flat and boring, there’s a pretty high proportion of us messing about with them in some app or other before posting them online. I’ve been using Instagram for the past few months. I only liked one or two of the filters, and I didn’t pay any attention to the ‘social networking’ aspect of it, but I like square photos with frames around them, so used that a bit.

As the worlds collective jaws hit the ground with a thud last week, on the news that FB bought Instagram for a billion quid,  it became apparent that the bit of Instagram that I ignored (the ‘social networking’ bit) is actually the valuable bit, which probably makes me a dumb ass in the eyes of your average 26 year old hipster. But, well, whatever …

I’m not a huge fan of FB and the way they seem intent on taking over the world. Yes I use FB, and yes it is a good tool for keeping in touch and hearing about stuff. But it’s also a monster. So the question is, what’s the best alternative to Instagram? Cos I’ve deleted it from my phone, but I still want to make my pictures square with a frame around them, and maybe a good b+w conversion. Any suggestions?

– Rory

Quiet around here?

26 04 2011


The blog’s been a bit quiet lately. But did you know that we have a facebook page too? Go to and ‘Like’ us – the info is a bit more quick fire and frequent, and you can post all your film and photography goodness there too!

– Rory