Hooray! Camden Palace darkroom!

6 04 2012

© Rory O'Toole

This evening I visited Naomi in the darkroom in Camden Palace Hotel. We discussed the classes we intend to run (darkroom introduction, and basic photography) over coffee. Then I spent an hour developing a roll of Kodak xp125, and then went and made one print, seen above. Having not been in the darkroom since last December, it was lovely to get back in again and enjoy the slow pace, fun and, well, sheer pleasure of being back in a wet darkroom. Sure, I spent 3 hours there, and I could possibly achieve more in front of the PC in that length of time. But if you love photography, and especially love a physical print, made by hand, with chemicals, light and dark, then there is no better way of spending a few hours. I came home with a technically imperfect but still beautiful print. There’s a lenght of film containing 36 frames, hanging in the drying cabinet for me when I go in next week, and a lovely calm soulful experience enjoyed along with a bit of gossip and a complete distraction from everyday life and the screen that draws us in. Hooray!

– Rory


Project 12: Something old, something new

21 12 2011

An old photos of some old Cork Analogue Photographers. In a field.

We haven’t been blogging for a while, and there’s a reason why. Cork Analogue Photographers have become a little jaded lately. Motivation has been down, and we have trouble arranging to meet up. We want to be more inclusive, and interact with more people. Maybe people who don’t live in Cork. Maybe some who don’t even shoot film. So we’re coming up with a plan, and the plan is being planned (to use a Dr. Suessism!). I’ll tell you more in the New Year, but to mark the end of 2011, and looking forward to 2012, we have come up with a little project.

We’d love if you took part. The rules are simple –

1. Shoot two photos at anytime between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. The photos should say something about the end of 2011, and the begining of 2012. Doesn’t have to be a world scale reflection and projection, can just be something personal too.

2. Use any camera, film, digital, phone, whatever’s easiest for you

3. Post the photos on CorkAP’s Facebook wall – https://www.facebook.com/corkap (post both in the same post using Create an Album – many photos)

Enjoy it, have fun!

– Rory